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Inside the Penalty Box

I kept my nose clean. Bad publicity was the last thing you wanted, and I’d had my share since my last breakup went public. We’d also just lost our last five games.

The boys and I decided to head to the islands for a little R&R. I’d never been so happy for a break. That was where I saw her. She didn’t seem to recognize me, which made it better, so I made my move. We didn’t exchange names or numbers. We shared one carefree night, that was all I wanted and that was all it was supposed to be.

A few months later, regret from that night had almost eaten away at me. I hadn’t been able to get her out of my mind. I wouldn’t say I fell in love with her, or maybe I did. All I knew was that night was the closest I’d ever come to insta-love and I wanted more but we’d had our fun. Yet, I was still mentally kicking myself for at least not getting her name.

We're about to head into the playoffs when I return home and that is when the universe decides to bring us back together in one of the worst places ever. Only this time won’t be like the last, I decide I won’t let her slip through my fingers. This time, I’ve promised myself nothing, and all bets are off.


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