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Who allows a rumour to end a relationship?


You’re looking at him and I admit it I messed up big time.


I broke her heart. I never realized how much I’d hurt her until our paths crossed again.

Just before Everly arrives, my sister calls me a coward. I’m not, it’s just that the regret of my decision has been weighing on me. When she tells me to wait so Everly can come in and look the biggest regret of her life in the eyes, I’m gutted.


All I want to do is explain my side of what happened, and to ask her for her forgiveness. Instead, when I have the chance, I blow that too and try to kiss her which ended in her running down the stairs and driving off into the night.


I have one last chance, the annual New Years Eve party we always put on. I figure there is no better time to win her back. We always used to spend it together, even before we were together. Last year was the first one in a long time she wasn’t with me, and I knew I couldn’t go another year without kissing her at the stroke of midnight. I also know I’m going to have to work for it if I want her heart to be mine again.