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In Your Arms- Signed Paperback

Signed Paperback of In Your Arms


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You don’t realize how the small day to day struggles of family life combined with running a successful business can affect your marriage, until it’s too late. They leave you too exhausted to deal with the big things that truly matter.

I knew things had been strained between Hope and me. So, when she suggested going away for our 10th wedding anniversary I couldn’t say no. She’d planned for weeks and after a couple of hours together we were just beginning to get intimate. That was when my phone began blowing up. There was an emergency with two of my clients and I had no choice but to put an end to our getaway. I figured she would understand, she always understands, but it didn’t hit me just how far we’d fallen until I saw the disappointment line her face.

I offered to take her with me, that we’d celebrate our anniversary together there, but she refused. Instead, as soon as the wheels of the plane touched the ground, I found a text message from her accusing me of having an affair. Now doubts, fears and uncertainties of the past resurface while I rush back home to save what is left of my crumbling family and repair the rocky ground we are treading.

From USA Today Bestselling Author S.L. Sterling comes this insightful artistry of the hopes and trappings of a real-life love story.