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Doctor Right - Signed Paperback

Signed Paperback of Doctor Right


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After the worst breakup of my life, I’d needed a change. I needed to get my focus back on my life and my career. That was how I ended up in Eastport, Rhode Island. I was in the beginning stages of purchasing a large OB/GYN practice from a local doctor who was retiring. It was also where I met Bella.

She was working at the local bakery I frequented, The Cooling Rack. Being with Bella was unexpectedly liberating. There were no rules, no expectations beyond the current moment, no demands. She was loving, and so gentle with my broken heart.

That summer became all about recovery, not only for me, but for her as well. I’d told myself that was all it was. We weren’t supposed to get serious, and at the end of summer we would go our separate ways.

Months passed, summer ended, and Bella left Eastport.

Thoughts of her consumed me, and I realized that there was no getting over Bella. Then one morning, I walked into my next patient appointment and was shocked to find Bella standing in front of me.

It started by accident. Then it became more intentional. Know what wasn’t intentional? The resulting pregnancy.
S.L. Sterling’s Doctor Right is a surprise pregnancy romance in the Doctors of Eastport General Series.