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“All of this just hurts so much,” she cried.


“All of what? Brittany? Don’t give her that kind of power.”


I watched as she wiped the tears from her eyes. “Everything, Spencer. The venues won’t call us back. My best friend keeps asking me to think about what it will be like to be married to you in twenty years, and your ex-wife hates me. I still don’t have a dress. It’s just…” She let out a huge sob.


“Brittany hates me too. Honestly, I think she hates herself as well as everyone else.” I chuckled as I pulled her onto my lap and leaned back in my chair, pulling her into my chest.


“It just seems like she is…dare I say it… jealous.”


“Ha, she can be jealous. Remember, it was I who found another man between her legs. She has no right to be jealous or to say a damn word about us.”


“I know.”


“You know what I think?”


“What’s that?”


“That most of this is all just baby hormones. Take a breath…” I said in a calm voice as I ran my fingers through her hair and looked her in the eyes.


“No, it’s not.” She sniffled.


“Oh, I think it is. You aren’t this sensitive, that much I know. Perhaps it would be a good idea for you to take a day off. I think you need to be by yourself to relax. It’s been a lot, yes, but it’s not as bad as you’re thinking,” I said in a low voice.


“It’s not?”


I shook my head. “No, we’ve only had a call into a couple of venues for a week. I’m not worried. Everything is going to work out fine. I promise. As for the calls from Brittany, I will block her number from your extension. I will direct all her calls to me and me only. As for Carly, well, she’ll learn when she meets someone.”


Ainsley met my eyes, leaned in, and kissed me softly on the lips, while running her fingers through my hair. “Thank you,” she whispered.


“You’re welcome.” I kissed her mouth hard as she sat on my lap. I hated seeing tears on her face. Our lips parted and I met her eyes, “I love you.” I whispered.


“I love you too.” Her hands rested on my shoulders, as I kissed her again.


I allowed my hands to travel up underneath her skirt, I was expecting to feel the silkiness of her panties, but they weren’t there.


“Okay,” she said, laughing as she grabbed my arm and pushed my hand away. “You need to behave.” She giggled, sliding off my lap and adjusting her skirt.


“Are you not wearing any panties?” I questioned, my cock instantly growing hard at the thought. I remembered the last time that had happened. I’d ended up with her on the top of desk, legs spread, while I devoured her pussy until she screamed my name.


The light blush on her cheeks said it all, and my cock ached as she turned around, her perfect ass in my face as she adjusted and smoothed her skirt. She wasn’t getting away from me. Instead, I grabbed her hips and stood up behind her, pulling her body against me.


“Spencer,” She whispered, her voice cracking.


“Put your hands on my desk,” I commanded in a hushed but firm tone. I didn’t move while I waited for her to do what I said.


“Spencer, everyone is here. We can’t do this now.,” 


I leaned over her, bringing my lips to her ear. The smell of her, combined with the fact that I knew she wasn’t wearing anything under that skirt, went straight to my cock. “Put your hands on my desk,” I growled.


Her cheeks darkened as she did as I asked. I walked around to the door and turned the little lock I’d had installed after she’d started working here and turned back to see her standing there with her eyes closed. I smiled to myself and walked back around behind her. She sucked in a breath as I ran my hands up her sides, around to the front and held her full breasts in my hand, running my thumbs over her already hardened nipples.


“Remember what happened the last time you weren’t wearing anything under your skirt?” I whispered.


“I do.” She let out a breath as she pushed her chest into my hands. She was already breathing hard and I’d barely touched her. I kept one breast in my hand and reached down and pulled at her skirt, lifting it up over her ass. I ran my hand over her bare skin and reached around in front, my fingers finding that small bundle of nerves. She let out a soft moan as I kissed the back of her neck.


“Do you do this to me on purpose?” I questioned as I pressed up against her so she could feel my arousal.


“No.” Her voice trembled as I continued gently rubbing her.


She was about to move her hands, but I shook my head. “Keep your hands there,” I whispered. My cock strained against the fabric of my suit pants. I opened the zipper, allowing for some relief before continuing.


“Bend forward,” I whispered, “and keep quiet.”


She lowered herself down on the desk a little, and I gripped my cock, pulling it from my boxers and lining myself up with her opening. I slid myself into her and we both let out a moan. I could feel her tightening around me already as I thrust myself deeply into her again and again.


I reached around her, stroking that little bundle of nerves as I continued pumping into her. She grabbed my other hand, interlocking her fingers with mine. “Keep quiet,” I whispered as I sucked her earlobe between my lips.




“Shhh baby, just feel me, know how much I love you.” I whispered, nipping at her neck.


“I’m gonna come,” she cried a little louder than she should be.


“Shhh…” I pumped into her harder, working my hand faster between her legs. Her hand gripped mine tighter. I could feel her beginning to tighten and pulse around my cock, her once muted cries now audible as she let herself go. I took her mouth with mine, silencing her, as I pumped into her the last few times before I let go. 


Both of us breathing hard, I held her in my arms as we both came down. Then I slipped myself from her and pulled her skirt down over her ass. She turned around and looked up at me, a satisfied yet tired look on her face. I zipped up my pants and then leaned onto my desk as I kissed her lips.


“You better fix your shirt and your hair,” I whispered, nipping at her lower lip. “Don’t want anyone to see how beautiful you are after I just fucked you.” I winked.


Her cheeks went a deep pink again. “And you better tuck your shirt in,” she answered back.






Our Little Wedding

The final conclusion to The Spencer Brooks Diaries

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