Ainsley Matthews was my everything. Not only was she twenty years younger than me, she was the woman I fell in love with and was soon going to be the mother of my child.

The second she told me about the baby, I had a ring on her finger. I didn’t want to risk losing her. We’d gotten engaged and soon started planning our wedding. Engaged, we began planning our wedding.

The night of our engagement party I heard her best friend exclaim, ‘wrinkled old balls’ and suddenly doubts crept up in my mind. Was this how Ainsley felt? Was the age difference really too much? Then we found everyone thought I had only put a ring on her finger because of the baby. Suddenly it felt as if everything were against us, friends, family, my ex, hell, even the venues and caterers we’d called couldn’t commit to the dates we wanted.

Stress piled on and soon I found myself at Ainsley’s side in the emergency room and everything came crashing down.

From USA Today Bestselling Author S.L. Sterling comes the final chapter in this steamy age gap romance.