Chloe and I grew up in the rough part of town. We had tough home lives. She was my first love, the girl who stole my heart. Although technically, I guess I gave it up willingly. I just did not know she would take it with her when she ran away. I’d begged her to stay, to give me a chance to get us a place and build a solid future together, but she only saw a future much like the one she was so desperate to leave. She dreamed of wealth, and she was willing to do whatever it took to have it.

That was how she ended up with Anthony. He was one of the top fight organizers in Vegas. My agent had recently signed me up for a match against one of his fighters, with a title up for grabs. I knew it would be mine. I felt the same way about Chloe when I had seen her again.

We kept it casual in front of Anthony, but after he left, she told me she wanted out. That was when she showed me a bruise she had been hiding. She pleaded for my help. I wanted to be there for her, I really did. Hell, I was probably the only one who was brave enough and stupid enough to do.

If Anthony knew I was helping her get away, my career would be over. If he knew I loved her, then my life would be over. Somehow, he was the least of my fears. Even if I got her out, I feared I would not get her back. She still had that look in her eye that I remembered so well. Chloe longed to run. I needed to convince her to stay…with me.