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From the moment we met, I despised Leah as much as she hated me. It only made matters worse when my mother married her father. So, ten years ago, I moved away.

But when I come back for our parents’ anniversary party, the sibling rivalry has disappeared and we’re being congratulated for putting aside our differences.

What they don’t know is that if I get my way, tonight we'll be sharing a room…



From the moment we met, I did everything to get Logan’s attention. All that he’d direct toward me were mean pranks often leaving me in tears. Even when he left for ten years, I still tried to get his attention. It took me a long time before I finally gave up.

When Logan shows up unannounced for our parents’ anniversary, I expect the worst sibling rivalry yet, but instead, we're actually getting along, and mom and dad are thrilled.

And when I end up finding out the truth, it shocks me to my core.