All work and no play, that was my motto. It was also what was going to make me a top MMA contender. At least, that was the plan.

I have been working toward this goal for ten years. I started as soon as I graduated high school and finally my manager had some big fights on the horizon for me. The next one was right here in Vegas. If I won, there were promises I would get to fight for a title next. Make no mistakes, I was going to win a title, along with it loads of money, respect, and the career I had been killing myself to achieve.

Nothing was going to stand in my way. Okay, the cash flow might stand in my way, I was a week from broke; I had training fees, along with my living expenses. Even the fleabag motel I was currently living in cost money. I needed a job, but it was hard to find one that could work around my schedule. Then one landed in my lap. Fine, Maya landed in my lap, then in my bed.

The first time was free, anything after that would cost me. I did not have time for a girlfriend, but a guy has needs. Turned out Maya had needs too. She needed protection, and she offered me part of her cut if I protected her.

Of course, I'd protect her. I had a thing for hot chicks who needed a hero. Little did I know how hard I'd be working to keep her safe. I never expected helping her could jeopardize my future. And I sure as hell didn't think I'd fall for her.